Account Types

At Precise Forex, we have a wide range of trading account types to suit your needs depending on the size of your deposit. No matter what kind of trader you are, be it Beginner, Intermediate, Professional or Corporate; we have an account type that best fits your ability with varying spreads and benefits. With the help of a personalized Account Service Manager, you can choose the trading account that’s best for you. Sharia compliant accounts are also available.

The types of account you can choose from are:

  • Micro
  • Mini
  • Premium
  • Institutional
  • Islamic
Account Type=>MicroMiniPremiumInstitutionalIslamic
Minimum Deposit$1,000$5,000$10,000$50,000$5,000
Min Trade Size1,000(0.01)10,000(0.10)50,000(0.50)100,000 (1.0)10,000(0.10)
Ave. Spreads3-5pips2.5pips2pips1.5pips2.5pips
Tradable Products+FX+FX / +CFD+FX / +CFD+FX /  +CFD+FX / +CFD

Demo Account: If you are just starting out in the FX world or even if you are an experienced trader but would like to have a feel of our system before you decide to go live; open a demo account to test your skills without the risk of losing cash up front. Take full advantage of our extensive educational materials and video tutorials to learn about the FX market or enhance your trading skills by practising on the Demo Account.

Micro and Mini Accounts: When you have gained enough confidence to start a live account but would like to be cautious with your trading; Micro or Mini accounts would be just the type for you. Designed especially for those who prefer smaller trade sizes with lower minimum deposit, the Micro and Mini Accounts should bring on more confidence for those with lower risk appetite.

Premium Account: Has been created for the more experienced and aggressive retail traders. If you have a bigger appetite for risk and the knowledge and experience to take on the big guns, take advantage of the Premium Account’s narrow spreads. Also available is an ECN account for scalpers who trade high volumes and prefer to pay a commission to compensate for narrow spreads.

Institutional Accounts: For those with initial deposits of $50,000 and above; you would be classified as an Institutional Account. You will be able to enjoy the lowest spreads and if you opt for an ECN account, you get raw spreads and will be charged nominal commissions.

Islamic Account: The Sharia Compliant Account is similar to our Mini Accounts, except that the account will not be charged swap fees. This account will be charged commission and be limited to hold an open position for a maximum of 14 calendar days.