Social Trading

Social trading is an exciting feature for traders to have access to the live trades placed by other traders within the Social Trading community. The Social Stream contains the last 100 live trades placed by other traders as well as the pending orders and updates placed by the community traders.

In order to have access to the Social Trading community and be able to view, follow and copy trades, the trader must be signed up and join the Social trading community.

Through the Social Stream, traders will have the ability to manually copy trades of other traders within their community. When another trader enters a trade, buy /sell or an entry order, a copy button will appear in the “Social Trading Stream”. The trader can click the “Copy trade” button of the relevant trade. A trading window will open and the trader can manually enter the required trade amount and place the trade. Upon copying an entry order, the entry order window will open and he trader will be able to change the amount as well as the order type.

You can view the manual, form the section on Social Trading on the Webtrader User Guide