About Precise Forex

Precise Forex caters to a wide array of traders from Swing, Scalpers, Day Traders, Short Term & Long Term Traders from all around the world. We firmly believe in fostering a long and lasting relationship with clients. Therefore Precise Forex has set itself the objective of being the leader in the FX market with regards to integrity, credibility, performance, education & training as well as state-of-the-art technology.

The company consists entirely of traders and professionals with vast knowledge, experience and a reputation in the Forex, Derivatives Futures, Stocks and CFDs markets. We pride ourselves on being a driven, quality provider, with a core business strategy based on cost leadership. This enables us to bring you high-quality service and a premium reliable product with the low spreads and without any misleading advertisements or gimmicks that will force you to purchase what you don’t need. We strive to provide our clients transparent trading: No Dealing Desk, No Re-quotes but Straight Through Processing (STP).

Precise Forex recognizes the inherent value of up-to-date, information and in-depth analysis; therefore we have partnered with a few FX research service providers who are experienced analysts to provide accurate research and analysis on daily basis. Our mission is to give individual traders the opportunity to participate in the largest financial market in the world and to improve their knowledge in the FX industry which enables them to enhance their trading strengths.

With all the Resources, Research, Technology and collective Experience, Precise Forex has positioned itself as the ultimate trading partner for traders worldwide.