Interactive Video Tutorials

Forex Beginners

Learn the basics about online forex trading and acquire the needed experience to begin your forex trading journey

  • Forex Advantages
  • Basic Forex Terms
  • Types of Orders
  • Wining Strategies
  • Glossary of Concepts

MT4 Tutorials

Everything you need to know about Windsor MT4, the world's most advanced trading platform

  • Install MT4 Trading Platform
  • Open & Close & Modify Orders
  • Perform Pending Orders & Trailing Stop
  • Objects and Indicators
  • Display Definitions, Pattern, and Profiles

Advanced Trader

Become a Professional Trader - With training, you can avoid many risks inherent in the markets; furthermore, learn to recognize and forecast trends and price movements!

  • Forex World
  • Candlestick Trading
  • Calculating Risk
  • Support and Resistance
  • Trend and Trend Lines
  • Gathering and Announcements
  • Fibonacci Numbers
  • The Trader's Full Dictionary

Trading Strategies

Stay ahead of market movements by learning proven strategies!

  • Trading Strategy for Beginners
  • Trading Strategies for Advanced Traders
  • Semi-Automatic Trading Strategies