PFx Debit Card

Precise Forex is pleased to offer a new, fast and secure way to transfer funds and make payments. PFx Debit Card, a prepaid card developed together with our partner, one of the world's premier payment solutions, Payoneer.

By choosing a prepaid debit card payment option, you now can gain fast withdrawals and greater convenience by withdrawing funds and make payments in more than hundred countries all over the world wherever MasterCard® Debit Card is accepted. You will be able to easily and cost effectively make withdrawals from your Precise Forex Trading account directly onto your PFx Debit Card.


And don't forget, it can also be used to fund your Precise Forex Trading Account! Apply for your PFx Debit Card today and benefit from quick and efficient deposits into your trading account or withdrawals back to your card.


Why use PFx Debit Card:

  • Accepted in 210 countries, worldwide
  • No bank account required
  • Use it in stores, online, or at the ATM
  • Credit history and credit checks are not required as long you have Precise Forex trading account.
  • Strict security rules and regulations imposed by Payoneer and MasterCard® mean money stays safe and secure
  • Account held in US Dollars
  • Payments can be delivered within 2 hours
  • Easy for cardholders to activate and manage account online.



  • One client can get free PFx Debit MasterCard only once
  • To get the card, you must deposit at least $500. Bonuses are not considered as deposits
  • To get the card, your trading account has to be verified. To verify the trading account, please submit your personal ID scan and an address proof
  • Prepaid PFx Debit MasterCard is valid for three years and has no overall balance limit, while cash withdrawal limit of 5000 USD per day
  • Precise Forex reserves the right to change or modify the rules or any of its parts anytime without prior notification.

To Apply please login into Precise Forex Member's Area.